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September 30, 2011 – World of Warcraft Podcast – Warcraft Less Traveled : A World of Warcraft Podcast

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from Warcraft Less Traveled : A World of Warcraft Podcast

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September 25, 2011


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(PRWEB) January 7, 2003

During National Read an E-Book Week get a free PDF download of WATER AND TIME by sending an e-mail request through Cornelia Amiri’s site at

CORNELIA GAIL AMIRI         Cornelia Amiri

        P. O. Box 740186

        Houston, TX 77274 – 0186


Press Release

    Contact: Cornelia Amiri Phone: (713)     


NATIONAL READ AN E-BOOK WEEK.The second week of March is National Read An E-Book Week. Local Houston author, Cornelia Amiri, is celebrating by sending a free PDF download of her short story collection Water and Time to everyone who sends an e-mail request through her web site that week at

Water and Time is a two-story collection of historical romances. In “Sea Princess,” Cornelia Amiri takes us to First Century AD Ireland, where Titus’s merchant voyage begins when he is captured by a captivating princess. In “Ana’s Conquest,” we travel with a humble milkmaid as she embarks from 1539 Spain on Hernando De Soto’s ship to the New World, and a journey of the heart.

B.J. Lowry, editor of Love Words Magazine,, says, “Men are brave, women are ruthless–and love finds a way. Read Cornelia Amiri’s amazing stories, written with knowledge and passion in a memorable style that only she can master.”

Cornelia Amiri’s Historical Romance, The Fox Prince, released January 2002 From Awe –Struck E-books is available in: HTML for the standard computer, Rocket reader for the Rocket e-Book reader device, MS Reader for the PC and Pocket PC, FUB for eBookMan, Mobipocket for Palm Pilot, Pocket PC, and eBookMan, and KML for hiebook. Read a free three-chapter preview at It can be purchased at Barnes and Nobles on line, Gemstar, Mobi, Fiction Wise, and at Awe Struck E-Books.

ONE HEART – ONE WAY, the second Celtic/Saxon based, historical romance by Houston author, Cornelia Amiri, will be released March 2003.Available in multiple e-book formats from Awe-Struck E-books and in paperback from Earthling Press, ISBN 1-58749-368-3.

Read What Reviewers Are Saying About Cornelia Amiri’s Books.

Dale Van Tassel with The Word on Romance

“The Fox Prince is one of the best novels I have read in a long time. It is written with such excitement and reality, it is hard not to feel you belong with the characters. The descriptive writing makes the novel come alive. I am especially impressed with the strong characters of this novel, both male and female. The conversations going on between the characters is written with just the right amount of detail making you hear and see what’s going on. It is truly a novel that takes you back in time to a place where love blooms through, even in times of war, religious, and emotional hardship. Cornelia Amiri has captured the passionate love between two people many may not think would or should come together. Her marvelous writing makes you feel the passion and almost taste the kiss of this warrior prince.”

Reviewed by Tracy Farnsworth

“Cozy up and let THE FOX PRINCE whisk you away to another place and time. You will be glad you did.”

Dawn Myers at Writers Unlimited

“One Heart One Way by Cornelia Amiri has it all. It has a love story and a treasure quest and also has a strong male who tried to do what was right. He finally succeeded when he followed his heart. One Heart One Way is quite an enjoyable book and I especially enjoyed the Druid history.

“Tracy Farnsworth with The Romance Reader Connection

“Blaise and Ricole are a wonderful couple who face the odds with determination. Their story is tender and honest and thoroughly enjoyable. Fans of historical romances will be pleased with Ms. Amiri’s latest offering.”

C.L. Jeffries with Heartstrings

“One Heart, One Way is a light and airy romantic adventure that will raise a reader’s spirits with its gentle exploration of external pressures on a star-crossed love affair. Aching innocence and ancient knowledge underscore this story of a spoiled princess eager to carve her own destiny, and her duty-bound prince, torn between loyalty and love. Over all Ms. Amiri has captured the essence of the era, and its majestic, mystical, ballad-worthy mystique quite nicely.”


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September 23, 2011

El Cazador SHIPWRECK Coin Spanish PIECE OF EIGHT (B6519

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El Cazador Shipwreck on eBay:

[wprebay kw=”el+cazador+shipwreck” num=”7″ ebcat=”-1″]
[wprebay kw=”el+cazador+shipwreck” num=”8″ ebcat=”-1″]

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September 22, 2011

Metal Detecting Buried Treasures

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Metal Detecting Buried Treasures
This ebook reveals exactly when, how and where to discover valuable treasures through metal detecting. This is a very non-competitive market with over 50,000 global searches on metal detecting related keywords. Resources available on the affiliate page.
Metal Detecting Buried Treasures

Importing Village Treasures
Work From Home Guide! Importing Village Treasures tells entrepreneurs how to find and import products made by talented craftspeople in small villages and towns worldwide. Big Demand & Money! chpage.html
Importing Village Treasures

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September 20, 2011

Philippine NGO (ECPAT) involved in murder attempt of American Treasure Hunter!

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(PRWEB) January 16, 2002


May 7, 2002, Los Angeles, USA

A Philippine NGO (ECPAT) involved in murder attempt of American Treasure Hunter!

A $ 10 million law suite is to be filed against ECPAT Philippines, who assisted in filing fake rape charge for the treasure hunter’s partners, in bid to frame him for a death-penalty case!

ECPAT Philippines, a Manila based non-government organization (NGO), with world-wide affiliates and headed by Roserillan Robidillo Ortega and Jo Alforque, is a major defendant in a $ 10 million lawsuit now being prepared in the United States and in Indonesia by lawyers for Dennis Standefer.

Standefer, 56, was held in a Jakarta jail for almost two years without bail and then extradited to the Philippines, after ECPAT Philippines and Karl Steven Ryll, filed the totally fake death-penalty rape case against him with the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), INTERPOL, and the Philippine Undersecretary of Justice, Attorney Maria Merceditas Gutierrez.

The case was almost immediately dismissed after Standefer’s arrival in the Philippines, when the “alleged victim”, Niefelyn Sumaylo and eight of her relatives acknowledged that the rape never took place and that Standefer was not even in the Philippines when the alleged incident was reported to have happened. The Philippine Bureau of Immigration and Deportation’s (BID) documentation and Standefers’ passport has also verified this fact. The false complaint and fake statement was actually written by Karl Steven Ryll, 41, who is a former partner of Standefer’s and is now in partnership with Steven Edward Morgan in treasure salvage projects in the Philippines. This fake charge was filed for the first time on August 10, 1999 and was reported by Ryll and ECPAT to have occurred during the first two weeks of November in 1994! There was of course, no complaint filed at the time, no police report, no doctors’ report, or any other witnesses! (See attached Press Release for details and the whiteness statement)

ECPAT’s chairperson, Roserillan Robidillo Ortega, of Quezon City, Metro Manila, joined with Ryll, Morgan, and Harold Karaka, in filing a false complaint with the NBI/Interpol in Manila. This resulted in Standefer’s arrest in Jakarta on August 23, 1999; just 10 days after ECPAT, Ryll, Morgan, and Karaka filed their fake case. Ryll has bragged and admitted that he gave a substantial donation to the “head” of ECPAT to assist in Standefer’s arrest. ECPAT has NEVER disputed this fact or repudiated any claim or statements about this case.

Roserillan Robidillo Ortega and ALL other ECPAT members in the Philippines and internationally have repeatedly refused to comment, return phone calls, emails, or faxes, requesting that that they either admit or refute these facts that are well documented in the NBI, Department of Justice, and American Embassy files. The ECPAT director for North America also refuses to comment about Ryll’s contacts with him.

Both Dennis Standefer and Niefelyn Sumaylo have confirmed that no member of ECPAT Philippines or Ecpat International has ever spoken to the alleged “victim” and that the case is completely outside their quoted and published mission statement.

The $ 10 million lawsuit now being prepared will name Ecpat Philippines, Ecpat International, Roserillan Robidillo Ortega, Jo Alforque, the Philippine Government, the Philippine Ambassador to Indonesia (Mr. Caday), Karl Steven Ryll, Harold, Karaka, and Steven Edward Morgan (All Americans) as defendants. There will also be two additional Filipino defendants, Colonel Segundo Duran, Philippine National Police (PNP) and Commander Tony Nasa of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) who conspired and assisted in the frame-up. Several other people and organizations may be added as defendants at a later date.

Note: 100’s of pages of documents are available about this case on the web site listed below. Some of the most important are attached or listed below.

Website for Full Details:

Please contact us for any additional information required and to answer any questions.

Law Offices for Dennis Standefer


Fax: (USA) 1.425.928.6496

Contacts for ECPAT Philippines & Philippine Government offices involved in this case:

Jo Alforque (ECPAT)

42 Quano Apartment, Gen. Maxilom Avenue

Cebu City (6000)

Philippines Phone: (63) 32 234 1528

Roserillan Robidillo Ortega (ECPAT)

123 V. Luna Extension, Sikatuna Village

Quezon City, Philippines, 1101

Tel: (63-2) 925-2803/ 925-2804                                        

Fax: (63-2) 433-1150


Attorney Maria Merceditas Gutierrez

Undersecretary of Justice

Philippine Department of Justice

Padre Faura

Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: 632.525.1394 Fax: 632.526.2751


Director Interpol

National Bureau of Investigation

Taft Avenue

Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: (63) 2.525.6855 Fax: (63) 2.525.6895

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September 17, 2011

LibriVox – For Treasure Bound by Collingwood, Harry

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LibriVox – For Treasure Bound by Collingwood, Harry

from For Treasure Bound by Collingwood, Harry

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September 15, 2011

Treasure Quest

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Treasure Quest

Odyssey Marine Exploration, a world leader in private deepwater exploration and recovery, is gearing up for its most ambitious season of treasure hunting yet. Its goal for the 2008 season is extraordinary: to find and recover two of the greatest shipwreck treasures ever lost at sea. Their value: well in excess of one billion dollars. Yet the stakes of this adventure aren’t limited to riches. Odyssey Marine Exploration is setting itself another challenge: to penetrate the mysteries of dozens o

List Price: $ 49.95

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B0028K3GZG”]

More Treasure Quest Products

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September 14, 2011

Treasure Quest – Bowling and Beer

Filed under: Salvager — Tags: , , , — admin @ 4:05 pm The season is finally over. While in dry dock the guys decide to go bowling. See what happens when Dave Dettweiler decides bowling and beer are a winning combination. Thursdays @ 10pm, E/P – only on Discovery.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

lvl requirements- none items required- about 150 gp, a spade, and a white apron (white apron can be bought in varrock clothes shop) My username on this account (which is the only one i really play on) is “Ser Vivor”. reward- gold ring and emerald Edit – July 16 ’08 – Due to the fact that this quest guide was created more than a year ago, there is a very high chance that it is not correct with the actual in game quest. Runescape changes its quests a lot. Don’t annoy me if it’s wrong.

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September 13, 2011

ATOCHA TREASURE COIN / Special stamping / unusual

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Atocha on eBay:

[wprebay kw=”atocha” num=”18″ ebcat=”-1″]
[wprebay kw=”atocha” num=”19″ ebcat=”-1″]

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September 12, 2011

hoard of silver coins by novice detectorist *WOW*

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found these hammered coins within a few meters of each other, possible hoard garrett ace 250
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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