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October 30, 2011

Philippine Department of Justice holds American Treasure Hunter “hostage” for three years.

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(PRWEB) May 8, 2002

Open Letter to the Philippine Undersecretary of Justice, Attorney Maria Merceditas Gutierrez.            

May 11, 2002

Philippine Department of Justice

Padre Faura

Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: 632.525.1394 Fax: 632.526.2751


Re: JUSTICE In 2002 for Dennis Standefer

Dear Attorney Gutierrez,

I am writing you in an effort to resolve my “case” and get some “Justice” which seems wholly lacking in the Philippines these days. I am sure that you are fully aware of my original letters on September 12, 2001, to Philippine Ambassador Caday in Jakarta and my previous letters, faxes, and emails over the last two and a half years. This is an “Open Letter” and will be forwarded, by mail, fax, email, and posted on the Internet on various websites after allowing you time to comment on it. This will include the diplomatic community in Indonesia and the Philippines and will be posted to all interested parties listed below as well as others.

I am sure you are still aware that Department of Justice and the Philippine Government had me unjustly held hostage by the Indonesian police, Interpol, the NBI in Manila, and by the Provincial Court in Dapa, Surigao del Norte for almost two years. In addition, This totally unjust imprisonment was for a “crime”, that not only did I not commit, but never even took place, except in the sick imagination of former business partners of mine, Karl Steven Ryll and Steven Edward Morgan (Both Americans) as well as several other former American and Filipino business associates.

You may see all details and documentation of this “case” at one of our websites at:

On the website which is linked below, is a copy of the judge’s dismissal order and the release notice from the Dapa Branch 31 Regional Trial Court and several hundred additional documents are linked that have ended this fake case and the frame-up that was an attempt to use the Philippine Government to kill me legally. You might recall in my previous letter the following quote I made to Ambassador Caday that was forwarded to you a number of times from several sources.

“They (Ryll know that this fake rape charge will never hold-up in the Philippine courts, as it is a completely fabricated story – without any basis of fact.’

Attorney Gutierrez, I am asking you once again, to take some action at this time, that you have failed to see fit to do over the last two and a half years that this case was under your supervision. I would like you to immediately notify Interpol/Jakarta that the case has been dismissed and that I have been released and request that my name be removed from the Interpol computers and BID records in the Philippines and Indonesia.

I hope that your prompt efforts will release me from future travel problems after a three-year nightmare of life in jail for something I did not do and did not even happen!

                 NEWS RELEASE

With the case now dismissed, I have released the full true story to the media in the USA after two years of lies made by Karl Ryll and financed in part by Steven Morgan. The following media has been contacted and the attached story has been and will continue to be published and broadcast extensively, NBC News, CNBC, CNN, ABC, & CBS and local television stations in Los Angeles and Nevada. A new press release is going out today, April 6, 2002 and additional news releases will be coming out about the pending lawsuits and the ECPAT involvement. Local Indonesian and Manila television stations will be contacted within the next few days. Print media includes: Reuters, AP, and other wire services, as well as feature in the Los Angeles Times and all of the other newspapers that have already run the one-sided story put out by Ryll and the others who conspired to kill me. This includes newspapers in the USA, Indonesia, and the Philippines and the Philippine Centre for Investigative Journalism. They ran an extensive series of articles at the start of this case (June 19 to 23, 1995) that was written by Gemma Luz Corotan (copies available on the website and the links below). The Wall Street Journal (Asian & Regular) is planning stories due to the significant business aspects of the story.


This is yet another case where the Philippines as a whole, has and will continue to suffer from the greed of a few Americans and Filipinos. This “set-up” criminal case against an American has and will certainly damage the tourist and business development in the Philippines. It is my understanding that Karl Ryll, Colonel Segundo Duran, Steve Morgan, and others are even now setting up a “new” frame-up against me in Manila, this time for a fake “estafa” case filled while I was awaiting extradition in Jakarta, even though I had not been in the Philippines for five years and can only be extradited for the case I was charged with (i.e. “rape”) as you advised my former Attorney, MARIA JEANETTE C. TECSON. This too, will also be widely reported in the media as you have “apparently” changed your mind as you have contacted the Indonesian Government and United States Government (According to Ryll, the American Embassy, and my Indonesian attorneys) about extraditing me yet again. It is also my understanding, from the American Embassy in Manila, that you have obtained a “stop departure” order from the Office of the President” for this “new” fake case filed by Steven Morgan, even though this is completely against the Philippine Governments Extradition treaty with Indonesia and your previous statements to my attorney.

I want you to be advised that I hold the Philippine Government and a certain NGO, Ecpat Philippines/International, fully financially responsible for what has happened to me with the illegal arrest, detention, and extradition, for a case that was never lawfully processed in the Philippines, by the prosecutor, the court, the Department of Justice, NBI/Interpol and certainly not by your office. The damages and financial loss to my business partners, customers, family, and myself are extensive and our attorneys are researching our recourse in the Philippines, Indonesia, and the USA.


I hereby make yet another formal request of the Department of Justice, the Philippine Embassy in Jakarta, the Philippine Government, and of you personally, Undersecretary Gutierrez, to undertake the following so that the all of the outstanding matters of the case are finally fully resolved.

1. Immediately have the Department of Justice undertake a complete review of this case so that you can verify and confirm that the this whole thing was “set-up” by Karl Ryll, Harold Karaka, Colonel Segundo Duran (PNP), Steven Morgan, Tony Nasa (a MNLF commander working with the Abu Sayyaf), and with the paid assistance of several NBI agents. The Justice Department should also look into the “new” fake case(s) that they are now trying to pursue with the your help, Attorney Gutierrez. This operation is financed in part by Rylls partner, Steven Edward Morgan, who is now involved in a shipwreck treasure salvage project in Palawan, and coerced and bribed the last “victim”, Niefelyn Sumaylo.

Niefelyn Sumaylo and her husband have already admitted this “set-up” to the late Provincial Prosecutor of Surigao del Norte, (Oscar Pospia), police and local NBI investigators, private investigators, several lawyers, the trial judge of Branch 31 (Evangeline Bayana), and to her and her husbands’ family. (See Niefelyns’ personal statement attached and her sworn statements) She has also had her life threatened (to keep her from telling the truth) by Ryll and his man, Commander Tony Nasa (MNLF). She is now in hiding and she needs witness protection furnished by the Philippine Government as soon as possible. There are a total of eight witnesses to Rylls and Morgan’s offer to pay $ 100,000 USD for Niefelyn to sign the false accusation and their offer to pay lesser amounts of $ 30,000 and $ 50,000 to Nasa and Duran respectively.

Ryll will be back in the Philippines on June 5, 2002 and is again threatening Niefelyn and her relatives through Tony Nasa an Abu Sayyaf hit man. Morgan is in the Philippines now and Karaka may come with Ryll.

2. Immediately request that the Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief investigate Colonel Segundo Duran (PNP) and his participation and support in filing this fake case and his unauthorized travel to Indonesia and Surigao del Norte for Karl Ryll. The PNP should also verify that Ida Duran (Durans 2nd wife) brought Niefelyn to Malaysia to marry me in 1996. The police should also verify that Duran was a business associate of mine in 1993 to 1995 and he met Niefelyn on several occasions in 1995; a year after the alleged rape took place. Duran should be questioned about his introduction of me to the uncle of former President Ramos (Sammy) and his efforts to obtain a salvage license in the Philippines. In late 1996 Duran and his wife, Ida, stole $ 12,500 USD that I had sent them with Karl Ryll, to purchase shipwreck coins that were available in the coin stores in Ermita, Manila. He should be questioned on this, as should his wife Ida. Duran repeatedly coerced Niefelyn into continuing this case for almost two years by making three trips to Surigao City and again in early 2001 at the Midtown Hotel in Manila. Duran has a financial interest in the salvage project now underway in Palawan and other areas with Steve Morgan. Photographs of this meeting are available on request. I am sure that he is also involved in the “new” case as he has falsely told people that he gave me P300,000. This claim is totally ludicrous!

3. Immediately request that the Director of the NBI check the actions of the agents involved in the case since 1999 up until now, (and their relationship with Ryll, Duran, Nasa, and Steve Morgan) in filing this set-up case with Interpol. They should also find out why Karl Steven Ryll was issued identification as an NBI agent, which he has presented to the police at in Jakarta, to U.S. Consul William Martin at the American Embassy (Jakarta), and to the Vice-Warden (Vito Litang) at the Surigao del Norte Provincial Jail, where he photographed and videotaped the entire jail compound in early 2001. Ryll admitted he had this NBI identification to Paul Boyd, US Consul (Manila), in front of the Director of the NBI, Interpol Branch.

The Philippine government should consider filing a criminal case against Ryll, Karaka, Nasa, Morgan, and Duran for filing this fake case and prevent them from filling additional fake cases against me or other individuals involved in business in the Philippines. The government should also take actions to stop this group from undertaking illegal treasure salvage operations in the Philippines.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Dennis Standefer

Miami, Florida USA

For additional information contact;


Dennis Standefer, Email:

Fax: 1.425.928.6496 (USA)

American Embassy, Jakarta

(62-21) 343-59000 ext. 2050

American Embassy, Manila,

(632) 523-1001 Ext. 2530



President Gloria Arroyo, Manila, Philippines

President Megawati Sukarnoputri, Jakarta, Indonesia

Philippine Ambassador, Washington D.C. & Los Angeles Consulate

Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippines & Indonesia

American Ambassador, Jakarta, Manila

U.S. State Department – Indonesia / Philippines Desk

All foreign embassies in Jakarta and Manila

All Philippine & Indonesia Embassies world-wide

Philippine Attorney – Manila

Indonesian Attorney

Philippine Center of Investigative Journalism (Director)


Los Angeles Times

All news Bureaus – Wire Services

Indonesia Newspapers that carried original story

Philippine Newspapers that carried original story

Federal Bureau of Investigation (Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Manila)

South Pasadena Police Department (California, USA)

Indonesian, Philippine, and US Attorneys

Nevada and Florida U.S. Senators and House Representatives

Epcat International, Philippines and all other offices.

Various other Newspapers – WSJ, Asian WSJ, International Herald Tribune, Straight Times, etc.

Justice in 2002 websites for full details, additional information and daily updates.

It has been reported that Morgan, Ryll, Karaka, and their Filipino contacts are raising money to salvage the Japanese Hospital ship located in Camigine Island, North Luzon, Philippines. This is the same shipwreck that was to be operated by Dennis Standefer and his Filipino partners in Pacific SeaQuest.

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