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January 9, 2012

Mel Fisher Division Party at Casa Marina Last Dance

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Last dance….. and after dancing in a long conga line….”I don’t have anything left!” Nothing like a Mel Fisher Division Week Party at Casa Marina with 400 people. Soooo, exhausted here. Division Week big bash on the Beach. This is where, after a week of festivities, we have one last BIG party at the Casa Marina for the people “who make the continued operation of Mel Fisher’s Treasures possible”, our Investors. Our theme this year was Old Havana Nights… which included 1950’s cars parked around the property, a Cuban cigar roller, that beautiful piece of artwork on the stage (painted by some of our employees), tropical floral arrangements in cigar boxes and, of course that wonderful Cuban band. It was a magical night and I could go on and on, as there is so much significance behind the “Havana” theme. This video was the last dance of the evening around 11:00ish. After dancing around the beach in a very long conga line…..and then dancing some more……I walked over to David exhausted and was acting goofy like normal……but was rejuvenated after I touched that ’57 Chevy. I managed to finish the “last dance” among some of the investors and my coworkers. The video is a little long, but I posted this to my FB more for me so I can relive that night anytime I want.

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