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January 3, 2011

Save La Vizcaina, A Historic Archaeological Site About to Be Lost

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Save La Vizcaina, A Historic Archaeological Site About to Be Lost

(PRWEB) October 29, 2003

Save La Vizcaina, a Historic Archaeological Site About to Be Lost

     By Frankie Ann White

Would you like to be a part of an ongoing struggle to save an archaeological site equally as important as King Tut’s tomb? In Playa Dama, Panama in 16 feet of water lies a treasure without protection, and of unknown value. The sunken ship, la Vizcaina, from the 4th Voyage of Columbus is in the midst of much controversy.

Several lines of evidences indicate that the rescued pieces and those that are still submerged in the water belong to the Vizcaina. With the help of the Government of Germany, samples of the rescued pieces were sent to the Archaeological Institute of Germany by the country of Panama’s Cultural Institute to check these evidences.    

The analyses made of the wood through the methodology of the carbon 14 dating and dendrocronology; a method which determines antiquity of the wood by verifying the quantity of rings that are accumulated, confirmed that the wreck belongs to the second half of the XV century, between 1460 and 1480. The wood type is oak from the north of the Europe at which time Spain was deforested which forced the Spanish navigators to import the wood from other places.

It is no longer a matter of proving whether or not this ship is “la Vizcaina” but as to whether or not she will survive in time for the presentation and preservation for posterity. Many political factions are at play and there is a large problem of graft.

Warren White, finder of the wreck is struggling with permits from the government of Panama to save the ship from looters and the greedy who might benefit from this precious find. Lack of money and backing has been a problem from the beginning of this now two-year long struggle to save this site.

There are currently suits against the government of Panama going on in the fight for domination of la Vizcaina.

Without international attention and help from foundations or individual philanthropists this valuable archaeological site may be lost to Panama and mankind.

Remember that this is Columbus’ ship! Truly this find is certainly as important as that of King Tut. Are you, the citizens of the world, going to stand by and allow it to be lost?

Frankie Ann White

Telephone: 011-507-433-0349

Cell: 011-507-672-1308

Colon, Panama


Warren White, known world wide as the finder of la Vizcaina, extensive articles are available on the WWW on Google search, “Warren White Vizcaina.” Warren hopes that this article will attract the need for support and recognition of a most vulnerable find.

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