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January 3, 2011

Sunken Ships & Levitating Cliffs

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Performed by Save it for Sunday. Written by Tom McAdam and Ryan Costa. Written and Recorded in a drunken state at 1am on a Wednesday night… cut us some slack. turned out alright anyway ______ –Lyrics– Some words when we speak them Cannot be taken back. And blame should not be dealt, For the traits in which we lack…. Taking time to write alone So I can whine about the way we live our lives Well work around this 9 till 5 We just cant live, while we survive Im feelin like a melted mind in an empty shell I know this isnt heaven but im sure as hell it isnt hell after all the time you gave me you discovered that you couldnt make me something im not frankly baby I am happier now that those days are gone I set my sights on something new and im moving on Im moving on and off into the distance Move horizon lines and kiss this bye And lift it higher, wider places we will roam Onto further places we will call home Stretching out the atmosphere Steering sunken ships, towards levitating cliffs ______
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