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November 15, 2010

Some Things You Should Know About Metal Detecting

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Some Things You Should Know About Metal Detecting

By: Alexander J Rowe

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Article Source: Things You Should Know About Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is a captivating hobby. There aren’t many like it that can give you the same kind of excitement. However, way too many people go into this hobby without thinking it through and end up doing many things wrong. In this article, I’m going to speak on a few things that I think you should know before you venture into the land of coin collecting, relic research and treasure hunting – the path to becoming an elite at metal detecting.

One thing that a lot of new metal detecting fanatics don’t think about is the law. Yes, there are restrictions governing the activity of metal detecting, such as where you can carry out this activity. For example, in many, if not all states, you cannot go hunting for metal in cemeteries. Naturally, you’ll want to check with your local laws, but I’d keep away from cemeteries. Most metal detecting forums won’t even allow you to discuss metal detecting in these prohibited locations.

Next thing is identifying your treasure. Naturally, this is going to depend on what it is you’ve unearthed. For example, let’s for argument sake, say you’ve gone out searching for coins and you’ve found something that looks like an old 1927 nickel and you want to know it’s value in the condition that you’ve found it. In that case, you’re either going to need to get a coin collecting book or take it to an expert for appraisal. Yes, metal detecting goes off into other areas as well that you might not be so well experienced in. Be prepared.

Additionally, this is another thing beginners don’t think about, there is cleaning your finds. I mean for crying out loud, you’re not going to leave the darn treasure in the condition that you found it, would you? Well, every metal needs to be cleaned in a different way. You’re not going to clean that 1927 nickel in the same fashion you’d clean a piece of gold. At least I hope you wouldn’t. So, you guessed it, you’re going to need several books on cleaning metals unless you can find one that covers it all…from nickels to whatever.

Yes, metal detecting can be a lot of fun. It can also be a lot of work after the fact as well. There are rules and laws, mostly government made, that you have to be aware of and you certainly need to know what to do with your find after you’ve discovered it.

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