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January 2, 2011

Metal Detecting – Silver #5 For This Month

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Metal Detecting – Silver #5 For This Month – Swiper has done it again! I told you I was going to Swipe up all the Treasures. it’s another neswiper diabolical network achievement. Today was my first day on an actual ball field. Nobody steps on to the ball field until their digging technique is worthy. Anyway, as I arrived i was thinking about something I heard on youtube. Someone was asking another guy “where is the best digging on a ball field?”. The answer was something like, “In the Outfield”. I’m there. I then pictured people diving for the ball and losing all their money. Next thing you know I strike good silver. I then say to myself, “People are releasing their rings when they throw the ball back towards the diamond. Bam, within minutes I hit another ring. Furthermore, I dug a nickel today, for which I was in a nickel slump. This gave me insight in to the eratic behavior of nickels on the Minelab X-Terra 305. They jump around enough where I thought they were trash. But that’s all in the past because now I am a 4-16 range junkie. In my city of over a quarter million people, I bet there is less than half a dozen people detecting. Likely just me and another person. I have not seen anyone with a detector in years, but, i did see that one lone plug at the school I got the silver dime. Pocket Knife Bill seen a guy on an old bicycle with a Metal Detector on the handle bars. When Pocket Knife Bill yelled “Is that a Minelab?” The guy yelled back, “No, it’s a Bounty Hunter
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