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December 26, 2010

Where To Go Metal Detecting

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Where To Go Metal Detecting

If you are looking for a hobby and live near the beach, you should consider metal detecting. It is surprising to find the treasures that you will find, just by walking along the beach. Perhaps you won’t find anything, but just imagine when you find a piece of gold jewelry or a coin that is from a hundred years ago. It is basically a treasure hunt that will keep you excited as you scan the beach. The beach is also the best place for beginners to start their hobby. Beginners are recommended to join a treasure hunting club. The veteran metal detecting gurus can give you tips that you might not know about.

Location is a key when it comes to metal detecting. If you do some research, you will be able to learn about spots that haven’t been hunted. A group is also helpful in offering advice on these locations. It can also be more fun to hunt in a group than by yourself. Once you learn to utilize your metal detector and how to read it’s signals, you will find much more valuable treasures. If you choose not to be a part of a group, you can still locate spots that haven’t been searched. Be resourceful. Go online and search the history of the state you live in, you will be surprised to find some old sites that might contain valuable pieces of history.

A kind of hunt believed to be done usually by history fanatics is relic hunting. It is when old artifacts are being searched. Relic hunters invest so much of their time and effort on the whereabouts; this goes to show that they are indeed huge history enthusiasts. Metal detectors are their aid to making their relic hunt happen. The usual locations for relic hunting are old buildings like old inns and taverns. In here are sure good finds of relics by metal detector enthusiasts.

A prime location for metal detecting is riverbanks. It’s one of the most common locations metal detectors go to for numerous reasons. For one, people are used to washing their clothes in rivers and creeks, and old classy buttons that date back from 1900’s can be sold for a good amount. Secondly, riverbanks are high traffic areas since early settlers traveled by water. Thus, all these making riverbanks a highly potential location for metal detecting good finds of treasure.

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